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Petroleum in real life: Soap and hand sanitizers

Germ-fighting essentials are now more important than ever – and they’re oil products

Petroleum in Real Life: Valentine’s Day

All you need is love – and some oil and natural gas

Petroleum in Real Life: Kayaks

Who says oil and water don’t mix? Kayaks make their case.

Petroleum in Real Life: LEGO

Everything is awesome with these durable plastic building blocks providing generations of kids (and adults) endless hours of joy, creativity.

A Closeup of a Bottle of Aspirin.
Petroleum in Real Life: Pills

Did you know aspirin and medications using time-release capsules are made possible using oil and natural gas-based petrochemicals?

Petroleum in Real Life: Contact lenses

It’s an eye-opening fact: Contact lenses are an indispensable petroleum product for 150 million people around the world.

Petroleum in Real Life: Piano keys

You’ve heard the expression, “tickling the ivories”: but did you know pianos since the 1970s use plastic key tops? And for good reason.

Petroleum in Real Life: Running shoes

Imagine running 10K without running shoes. Zola Budd did it, but most of us can’t live without our favourite pair of sneakers.