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Quiz: Oil and natural gas and Canada’s economy

How much do you know about the impacts of the oil and natural gas industry on Canada’s economy? Take this quiz to test your knowledge.

Federal oil and natural gas liquidity aid explained

Federal aid consists of repayable loans and loan guarantees to keep businesses afloat, preserve oil and natural gas jobs.

Government of Canada helps fund orphan well reclamation

Part of federal stimulus package aimed at protecting jobs across the country while enhancing environmental outcomes.

COVID 19 and critical infrastructure in Canada

Dr. Aaron Henry of the Canadian Chamber discusses the importance of natural resources in dealing with the current crisis and helping Canada’s recovery.

The Canadian Flag Over the Map of the World, With the Shadow of an Oil and Gas Pumpjack on Either Side.
Energy sector provides for Canadians today as it looks to the future

Industry support governments’ measures to protect the health of citizens and flatten the curve in the spread of COVID-19.

CAPP responds to economic stimulus announcements

Priority on responding to global pandemic; also must start thinking about how Canada can recover from economic crisis.

Syncrude reaches 3 billion

In October 2019, Syncrude reached a historic milestone: 3 billion barrels of oil produced.

PODCAST: Oil and gas needed to fight poverty on Indigenous lands

National Coalition of Chiefs president Dale Swampy says reserves need more jobs from responsible energy development and fewer fly-by celebrities.

Enbridge Line 3 timeline and map

Despite government approvals and the desire of most Canadians to get new pipelines built, delays have affected this nation-building project proposal.