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Natural gas and oil crucial to Canada’s economic recovery

Vision document outlines industry’s huge potential to create new jobs and government revenues, while addressing emissions.

Innovating cleaner hydrocarbons: U of C’s Global Research Initiative

Canadian university research group takes global approach to find breakthrough technologies that lower greenhouse gas emissions from oil and natural gas production.

Unlocking clean hydrogen from heavy oil reservoirs

UofC researchers Jacky Wang and Ian Gates are working on a groundbreaking approach that would turn oil reservoirs into emissions-free hydrogen gas mines.

‘Tuning’ rock for easier oil recovery, less energy intensity

Using hot water instead of steam could dramatically reduce emissions associated with oil sands production—if Hossein Hejazi can find the right recipe of additives.

Animated Super Hero, Carbon Fibre.
Petroleum in Real Life: Carbon Fibre

Stronger than steel, lighter than paper and powered by petroleum.

Beyond combustion: deriving greater value from bitumen

Asphaltene, a carbon-rich bitumen byproduct, could be used to make carbon fibre.

Natural resources key to economic recovery: report

Panel of industry experts says the resource sector could create 2.6 million new jobs.

VIDEO: How does oil and natural gas benefit Ontario?

A strong national natural gas and oil industry creates jobs and economic growth in Canada’s most populous province.

New report shows progress on Indigenous engagement

Independent study outlines many positive relationships and benefits across Canada arising from Indigenous engagement with the resource economy.

Radio frequency technology could revolutionize oil sands recovery

Mike Tourigny believes in the power of disruptive technologies; Acceleware’s use of RF heating for oil sands recovery could be just the ticket to ‘cleaner, better energy.’