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Fuel pumps docked in a fueling station. The fueling station is multi-coloured.
Why are gasoline prices going up?

From upstream production to refining to sales, the market sets the price – but many factors influence market price.

US lawmakers push for Keystone XL amid Russian aggression

President Biden cancelled major pipeline from Canada on his first day in office.

Russia, Nefteyugansk - January 24, 2016: A view of oil field equipment. Tanks with oil owned oil company Rosneft.
Russia strengthening hold on global energy markets with massive arctic oil project

As war continues in Ukraine, billions going into new oil and gas export province.

Big jump in Canadian crude oil exports via U.S. Gulf Coast

Improved pipeline capacity means record high Canadian exports – but Trans Mountain remains crucial.

missing the boat natural gas exports blunt strategic (1)
Missing the Boat: Natural gas exports

A comparison of Canada vs U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports show a major missed opportunity.

Production curtailment,market access,pipeline capacity
Alberta government ends production curtailment

Production limits set in 2018 will expire at the end of 2021.

natural gas meters rollup
Rural Ontario gets improved access to natural gas

Provincial natural gas expansion program moves into Phase Two.

Construction of the Enbridge Line 3 Pipeline.
Enbridge says Line 3 in-service date is near

Despite ongoing court challenges, construction on this major piece of export infrastructure has continued.

IEA’s report presents an unrealistic, impractical path to net-zero emissions

Report calls for a complete transformation of the global energy system but offers little insight on how that could be achieved.

Five ways to improve your energy literacy

The global energy industry is complex and so are energy issues – but you can easily stay informed with these five energy literacy tips.