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Natural Resources Canada report promotes Canadian energy

Report endorsed by federal and provincial ministers is loaded with information supporting a vision of Canada as a global energy leader.

Learning about energy in Canada: Take these quizzes

Did you know Canada is the world’s 7th largest consumer of electricity? Learn more about Canada’s energy resources through the CanGeo Energy IQ quizzes.

Quiz: How much do you know about Canada’s offshore?

Take our 15-question Canada’s Atlantic offshore oil and natural gas industry quiz to find out.

Where does the world’s oil and natural gas come from?

Canada is a leading producer of oil and natural gas, and one of the few with strong environmental standards.

The economic contribution of Canadian oil and natural gas

Abundant oil and natural gas resources drive big numbers in terms of revenue, GDP and jobs in Canada.

Light tight oil: B.C.’s untapped resource

Study says northeastern British Columbia is rich with potential sources of valuable light to medium oil.

Latest data shows major offshore resource potential

Independent resource assessment adds even more oil and natural gas to Newfoundland and Labardor’s offshore resource potential.

Hydraulic Fracturing 101

Hydraulic fracturing has unlocked vast natural gas resources for Canadians. We explain how it works.

How much do you know about natural gas?

Take our Canada’s natural gas facts quiz to find out.