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PTAC: Nurturing oil and natural gas innovation

PTAC’s Soheil Asgarpour explains how his organization helps innovators develop oil and natural gas technologies to improve operations and reduce environmental impact.

China is calling for natural gas: Can Canada answer?

Cold weather and a push to reduce smog and GHGs has led to shortages of natural gas in China, even as Canada ponders its LNG future.

Canada is falling behind: CAPP on TMEP and competitiveness

CAPP CEO Tim McMillan speaks with Global News Edmonton about Trans Mountain and Canada’s competitiveness issues.

What Could Have Been: Missing out on $50 billion in investments

Can the Canadian economy afford to lose out on $50 billion in investments and associated jobs and economic growth? It happened in 2017.

Comment: LNG can (still) transform B.C.

BC Chamber CEO says with multiple projects still in the works, LNG remains a key opportunity—if we are willing to be competitive.

Innovation Profile: Building a better solar pump

Russ Graham and TRIDO have developed a way to make oil and natural gas solar pumps more reliable while reducing GHG emissions.

Made In Canada: A better oil and natural gas for tomorrow

The world sees Canada as an innovative, sustainable producer of oil and natural gas and wants more. What are we going to do about it?

Alberta sets aside $1.4 billion to help industry reduce GHG emissions

Alberta government to direct a portion of its climate levies back to industry for investments to reduce GHG emissions and create jobs.

Notley, Carr and Anderson: It’s time to build Trans Mountain

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, Natural Resources Minister James Carr and Kinder Morgan’s Ian Anderson speak at the Vancouver Energy Forum.

China and Canada’s Energy Future

China expert Gordon Houlden explains why China represents a critical market opportunity for growing Canadian exports of oil and natural gas.