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A close-up of Tim McMillan, the past CEO and past president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.
Balanced plan to reduce methane emissions, preserve jobs

CAPP has a plan to help Alberta meet its methane emission targets while protecting up to 7,000 jobs.

Tim McMillan on industry’s methane reduction solution

CAPP’s president and CEO discusses an approach that will meet Canada’s 45 per cent methane emissions reduction target and save jobs.

Report: Canada’s Oil and Gas Sector at Risk?

The Montreal Economic Institute publishes report saying action needed to restore competitiveness undermined by excessive taxes and regulations.

VIDEO: CAPP responds to Energy East decision

CAPP president and CEO Tim McMillan discusses what the decision means for Canada

Canada’s oil and natural gas industry delivers major benefits

Despite a challenging economic environment, Canada’s oil and natural gas sector delivered the following in 2015:

CAPP vice-president oil sands Ben Brunnen refutes the notion that Canada’s oil and natural gas industry receives subsidies.
Is Canada’s oil and natural gas industry subsidized?

CAPP vice-president Ben Brunnen sets the record straight: Canada’s oil and natural gas industry does not receive subsidies.

Good Data, Better Water Decisions: The Alberta Water Tool

New online tool provides direct access to information needed for sustainable water management decisions in Alberta.

Canada’s oil and natural gas competitiveness challenge

Rising costs and increasing competition from the U.S. and around the world has energy experts calling for a Team Canada response.

Growth in U.S. production of natural gas

Growing production of shale gas south of the border means the U.S. is a competitor for Canada

Taking action on methane in Canada and the U.S.: Timeline

Regulatory and government actions taken in Canada and the U.S. to reduce methane emissions in the oil and natural gas industry.