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Raise Your Energy IQ with Canadian Geographic

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society presents a witty and informative video about making and moving Canada’s energy

Newfoundland and Labrador and Husky Announce White Rose Extension

Husky’s West White Rose offshore project will generate 10 million person-hours of employment

OWA Funding Announcement

The Alberta government announces $235-million repayable loan to create jobs and reclaim well sites

Canada’s Investment Opportunity

Canada’s oil industry well-positioned to attract global investment capital

Hans Rosling: The magic washing machine

This TED Talk highlights the importance of energy in our daily lives and around the world.

Energy East: Everything you need to know

The Energy East pipeline proposal will create jobs and economic return while displacing foreign oil from Eastern Canada.

A Tale of Two Canadas: The case for market access

Economic experts agree: access to new markets is vital for Canada to create jobs, attract investment and generate economic growth.

Jennifer Barkved: Why I support LNG

Energy Citizen Jennifer Barkved from Fort Nelson, B.C., explains why she supports the creation of a Canadian LNG Industry

Kane Lam: Why I support pipelines

Energy Citizen Kane Lam from Richmond Hill, Ontario, explains why he supports pipelines and access to new markets.

How our best customer became our greatest competitor

The United States is our best customer, receiving more than 99% of Canada’s oil and natural gas exports. However, growing production south of the border has also made the U.S. Canada’s greatest competitor.