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VIDEO: Robert Johnston on Canadian competitiveness

The CEO of Eurasia Group discusses energy, politics, and how Canada can stay competitive on the global stage.

Our Best Customer: And why we need to diversify

In 2015, more than 99 per cent of Canada’s oil and natural gas exports went to the United States.

How our best customer became our greatest competitor

The United States is our best customer, receiving more than 99% of Canada’s oil and natural gas exports. However, growing production south of the border has also made the U.S. Canada’s greatest competitor.

What would Energy East mean for Canada?

TransCanada’s proposed Energy East pipeline would strengthen our economy.

Natural Gas: Why Canadian exports have fallen

Rising natural gas production south of the border means Canada must diversify markets.

Municipal Competitiveness in Alberta

Q&A with CAPP’s Ben Brunnen on an issue that costs producers $1.1 billion a year.