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Pond Technologies: Using algae to gobble up GHG emissions

Using microscopic algae, Pond CEO Steven Martin believes he has the key to unlocking a low-carbon, energy-rich future.

Innovation Profile: Using drones for pipeline monitoring

Former Israeli air force captain uses his aviation experience to enhance monitoring of Canada’s oil and gas pipelines.

Meet the People Behind the Oil Sands

Recommended reading: Bitumen: The people, performance and passions behind Alberta’s oil sands

Keeping the oil sands competitive

CERI’s Dinara Millington discusses how the oil sands can stay competitive in a lower-price, lower-carbon world

Tanker Safety

The data shows tanker safety in Canada and abroad is highly reliable and increasingly safe.

A timeline of Canadian oil and natural gas milestones

Take a walk through Canada’s rich history of oil and natural gas discovery and innovation.

Reflecting on more than 150 years of energy innovation and discovery

We are a diverse nation of pioneers and innovators, shown through the many milestones of Canada’s home-grown petroleum industry.


A project using innovative space technology to improve the way industrial GHG emissions are measured

Quebec’s economy benefits from Canada’s oil sands: study

New study shows that Canada’s oil sands drive major economic spin-offs for the Quebec economy through the supply of $1.2 billion in goods and services.

VIDEO: Meet oil sands innovator Joshua Martin and his dad

Josh’s dad is proud of his son’s work restoring wetlands, even if he’s fuzzy on some of the technical details