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Survey: Canada valued for its responsibly produced oil and natural gas

International energy attitudes survey highlights how Canada’s environmental commitment is a competitive advantage

The world wants more Canadian oil and natural gas: survey

People around the world see Canadian oil and natural gas as the energy of the future, according to a new global research survey.

XPRIZE semi-finalist Jerry Flynn on energy and innovation

Flynn, founder of the Ottawa-based Tandem Technical, says Canada is a leader on carbon reduction

VIDEO: Marcius Extavour, Director of Energy at XPRIZE

A chat with Marcius Extavour about the Carbon XPRIZE, innovation and the future of energy

Energy for Tomorrow: Canadian oil and gas now and for the future

Five reasons why Canada’s oil and natural gas resources are an essential part of the future energy mix for our nation and the world

Innovator: Ian Gates and lower-emissions oil sands

University of Calgary scientist Dr. Ian Gates is developing a new approach to SAGD that could lower GHG emissions and costs.


An XPRIZE competition that reimagines carbon from waste to useful product

Cool Tech: Rifled tubes for steam generation

This technology could help the oil sands reduce water use and GHG emissions intensity

COSIA and Innovation

Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance is a leader in developing and sharing environmental technologies.

Kane Lam: Why I support pipelines

Energy Citizen Kane Lam from Richmond Hill, Ontario, explains why he supports pipelines and access to new markets.