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Ferries and ecotourism impact killer whales more than oil tankers

Vancouver Sun columnist Licia Corbella notes that oil tanker traffic is not a big problem, creating just one per cent of the noise.

Anti-oil campaigns protect U.S. interests, not environment

B.C. researcher says anti-oil campaigns funded by U.S. groups are trying to land-lock Alberta oil while ignoring growing U.S. production.

VIDEO: The Opportunity to Come Home

The oil and natural gas industry gave Elizabeth Collins to return home to Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Natural Gas Debate

ARC Energy Ideas story notes that ‘today’s reality continues to suggest strong growth for natural gas.’

The Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre
Which city is the most innovative in Canada?

The answer might surprise you. With the steady growth of new oil sands technology, Calgary has taken the innovation lead.

Why Trans Mountain is in Canada’s national interest

The Financial Post chats with national business columnist Kevin Carmichael on the federal government’s purchase of Trans Mountain and why it’s in the national interest.

VIDEO: Why Natural Gas is a Fuel for the Future

Want to know why natural gas will be key to providing energy in a lower-carbon future? Check out this informative video by GE Reports.

Don’t type oil and gas out of the script

Economist Peter Tertzakian compares oil and natural gas to typewriters, making the case for progressive evolution not obsolescence.

Ellis Ross addresses First Nations and natural resource development

B.C. MLA and former Haisla Chief Councillor discusses how the environmental movement has “stopped the progress of First Nations.”

Smart choices for a lower emissions future

Discover more about how improvements in internal combustion engine technology can achieve cost-effective reductions in GHG emissions.