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Energy Examined: Best podcasts of 2020

Energy Examined hosts Tracy Larsson and Leighton Klassen highlight their favourite clips and podcast episodes from 2020

PODCAST: How the CFS could hurt Canada’s economic recovery

Economist Miguel Ouellette of the Montreal Economic Institute discusses how the proposed Clean Fuel Standard could be detrimental to Canada’s recovery with uncertain environmental outcomes.

PODCAST: Carbon XPRIZE finalist CERT converts CO2 into ethylene

Meet Alex Ip, working on a potentially game-changing technology to remove GHG emissions from the atmosphere and create industrial chemicals used in a wide range of products.

PODCAST: CUT turns greenhouse gas emissions into concrete

Carbon XPRIZE finalist Carbon Upcycling Technologies combines CO2 emissions with waste materials to create valuable products like concrete, plastic.

PODCAST: Meet Air Company, turning CO2 emissions into vodka

Carbon XPRIZE finalists Greg Constantine and Stafford Sheehan discuss a technology that turns greenhouse gas emissions into vodka; and that’s just the beginning.

PODCAST: What are the priorities of Canadians during the pandemic?

Canadians believe natural gas and oil should be part of our economic recovery. What does that mean for an industry facing major challenges?

PODCAST: Can Canada’s economy come back without oil and gas?

Energy executive, investor and philanthropist Mac Van Wielingen says he can’t imagine a recovery without Canada’s largest industrial sector and export commodity.

PODCAST: How Canada’s resource sector can drive real jobs and recovery

Margareta Dovgal of Resource Works chats with Energy Examined about how support for Canada’s resource sector could create 2.6 million jobs while driving action on climate change.

PODCAST: Economic reconciliation in a post-COVID world

Karen Ogen Toews of the First Nations LNG Alliance and Wet’suwet’en First Nation discusses COVID and economic reconciliation through energy projects that create jobs, investment and partnerships.

PODCAST: Canada’s Atlantic offshore industry in crisis

Charlene Johnson of Newfoundland and Labrador’s oil and gas industry association discusses the state of the industry and what can be done.