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VIDEO: Chief Roy Fox discusses Canada’s Bill C-69

Chief of the Blood Tribe says majority of Treaty 7 leaders oppose proposed rewrite of Canada’s energy project approval process.

Why we need to hit pause on Bill C-69

The attempted rewrite of Canada’s regulatory approval system needs changes if we really want to restore Canadian confidence.

VIDEO: What does LNG mean for Canada?

We explain how Canadian LNG exports could drive economic growth in Canada and help lower global greenhouse gas emissions.

Competitiveness challenges in Canada’s offshore industry

Paul Barnes of CAPP discusses how increasing regulatory costs could endanger investment in Canadian offshore oil and natural gas.

Tim McMillan on oil growth, competitiveness and Trans Mountain

Highlights from the Global Petroleum Show interview on a range of issues arising from CAPP’s 2018 crude oil forecast.

We can grow production and meet climate commitments

CAPP executive vice-president Terry Abel explains how Canada’s oil and natural gas industry can—and should—grow while addressing the global issue of climate change.

VIDEO: Pipelines needed to transport growing oil production

We explain why new pipelines and competitive policies are needed to transport growing Canadian oil production.

What is carbon leakage?

Policies to reduce GHGs must take into account carbon leakage to be effective explains CAPP’s Director of Climate, Patrick McDonald.