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Innovation helping producers achieve methane emissions reductions

Some new approaches to emission detection are literally out of this world.

Still Shot of an Animated Video Explaining the Carbon Conversion Process.
VIDEO: What is carbon conversion?

We can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by turning CO2 into useful products including fish food, concrete and vodka.

Canada is a world leader in flaring reduction

Canada reduced GHG emissions from flaring by 38 per cent even as production increased by 22 per cent. If only the rest of the world followed our lead.

Emissions Reduction Alberta wants us to be ‘carbon positive’

Alberta non-profit focuses on helping industry become ‘carbon positive.’

Norges Bank divests its oil sands investments

Reducing institutional investment actually impedes development of technology that improves environmental performance.

PODCAST: The Carbon XPRIZE changes how we think about CO2

What if you could turn man-made CO2 from something that causes global warming into useful products like concrete, bioplastics or vodka?

What is Article 6, and why does it matter to Canada?

This key chapter to the Paris Agreement could encourage international collaboration on greenhouse gas emissions reductions and help Canada meet its reduction targets.

XPRIZE Update: Turning carbon emissions into Vodka

The NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE’s newest finalist should help liven up the after-party while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Shipping B.C. renewable power to Asia, sort of

Electrified LNG could allow Asian customers to use Canadian natural gas with fewer emissions than competitors, while benefiting B.C.’s independent power producers.