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Innovation Profile: Spartan Controls and REMVue

Canadian company finds way to help natural gas producers save money and reduce GHGs using clean-tech inspired from the automotive industry.

Innovation Profile: Building a better solar pump

Russ Graham and TRIDO have developed a way to make oil and natural gas solar pumps more reliable while reducing GHG emissions.

Indigenous Entrepreneur: Nicole Bourque-Bouchier

Bourque-Bouchier partners with Canada’s oil sands industry to build one of Alberta’s largest Aboriginal-owned companies.

Innovation Profile: Stephane Germain of GHGSat

Aerospace meets oil sands: Montreal entrepreneur Stephane Germain develops space tech that helps monitor GHG emissions on Earth.

Shauna Holmes: Proud to be a woman in energy

Co-director of membership for Calgary Women in Energy encourages more women to get involved in the “dynamic” oil and natural gas industry

Innovation Profile: Joshua Martin and the Nikanotee Fen

Reclaiming wetlands is an industry priority—but as Suncor scientist Joshua Martin explains, it’s not as simple as ‘just add water.’

Canada’s Oil Sands: 50 years this September

Canada’s first large-scale, commercial oil sands facility launched a home-grown industry characterized by entrepreneurism and innovation.

Innovation Profile: Hifi Engineering

John Hull and Steven Koles of Calgary-based Hifi Engineering believe fiber optics key to taking pipeline monitoring to a new level

Sun Rise: Suncor, the Oil Sands and the Future of Energy

An engaging read by former CEO Rick George that tells the story of Suncor and the growth of Canada’s oil sands

Pond Technologies: Using algae to gobble up GHG emissions

Using microscopic algae, Pond CEO Steven Martin believes he has the key to unlocking a low-carbon, energy-rich future.