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PODCAST: Canada’s Atlantic offshore industry in crisis

Charlene Johnson of Newfoundland and Labrador’s oil and gas industry association discusses the state of the industry and what can be done.

Digging for fossil fuel subsidies

Energy Citizens blog highlights the lengths to which some groups will go to suggest Canada’s oil and gas industry is subsidized.

Canada is a world leader in flaring reduction

Canada reduced GHG emissions from flaring by 38 per cent even as production increased by 22 per cent. If only the rest of the world followed our lead.

The Canadian Flag In the Shape of a Circle, Next to the word 'Economy'.
Task force to recommend policies for jobs, economic recovery

Twenty prominent Canadians, supported by industries, organizations and Indigenous groups, will create a recovery blueprint.

Virtual town hall shows support for offshore industry

Video conference event led by Newfoundland Offshore Industry Association attracts more than 800 participants.

Federal oil and natural gas liquidity aid explained

Federal aid consists of repayable loans and loan guarantees to keep businesses afloat, preserve oil and natural gas jobs.

Government of Canada announces aid for oil and natural gas

Support initiatives will protect jobs across the country.

Canada’s energy industry crucial to economic recovery

Strong message from speakers at the Scotiabank CAPP Energy Symposium: no recovery without oil and natural gas.

Oil and Natural Gas 101: Orphan Wells

How Alberta’s petroleum industry ensures wells with no owners are properly reclaimed.

Canadian oil and gas: protecting workers while supplying vital energy

Canada’s oil and natural gas industry produces essential energy for power generation, heating and transportation, plus feedstock for critical medical products.