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Canada’s energy industry crucial to economic recovery

Strong message from speakers at the Scotiabank CAPP Energy Symposium: no recovery without oil and natural gas.

Oil and Natural Gas 101: Orphan Wells

How Alberta’s petroleum industry ensures wells with no owners are properly reclaimed.

Canadian oil and gas: protecting workers while supplying vital energy

Canada’s oil and natural gas industry produces essential energy for power generation, heating and transportation, plus feedstock for critical medical products.

VIDEO: Land reclamation 101

Discover how Canadian oil and natural gas producers ensure the lands they disturb are returned to self-sustaining ecosystems with native plants and trees.

Positive rulings on Canadian pipeline projects

Key legal hurdles cleared which should prevent additional disruption to construction of Trans Mountain Expansion and Line 3 pipeline projects.

CAPP forecasts $2 billion increase in upstream investment

Capital spending in Canada’s oil and natural gas industry set to increase in 2020; oil sands increase first in five years.

Supreme Court dismisses B.C. appeal of Trans Mountain

Unanimous decision quashes B.C. legislation designed to block the Trans Mountain expansion project.

What is Article 6, and why does it matter to Canada?

This key chapter to the Paris Agreement could encourage international collaboration on greenhouse gas emissions reductions and help Canada meet its reduction targets.

Does Canada’s oil and natural gas industry pay its fair share?

Of Canada’s five largest industries, oil and natural gas claims the fewest deductions compared to taxes paid.