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An XPRIZE competition that reimagines carbon from waste to useful product

Cool Tech: Rifled tubes for steam generation

This technology could help the oil sands reduce water use and GHG emissions intensity

COSIA and Innovation

Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance is a leader in developing and sharing environmental technologies.

Hans Rosling: The magic washing machine

This TED Talk highlights the importance of energy in our daily lives and around the world.

COSIA at the Crossroads: Driving environmental innovation

Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance is turning the corner as they look to take environmental performance in the oil sands to the next level and beyond.

VIDEO: Paul Bunje on energy innovation

XPRIZE principal and senior scientist Paul Bunje chats about the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE

Environmental Protection: Spending by industry

The oil and natural gas industry accounts for 44 per cent of environmental protection spending, according to data from Statistics Canada.

Pipeline Transportation

Canadian pipelines move petroleum products safely.

Myth: It’s not safe to ship oil from Canada’s West Coast

Canada has shipped oil from the West Coast for 60 years and the waters are safe because of world-class marine safety standards.

Commentary: Why innovation matters

Innovation is a mantra within Canada’s oil and natural gas industry. The word itself may be overused at times, but what it means to our industry, Canada and the world, cannot be overstated.