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LNG Tanker
B.C. supports building LNG ship-refuelling facility

Facility would be first on West Coast, helping refuel growing numbers of LNG-powered ships while lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Myth: LNG would prevent Canada meeting its Paris commitments

We bust the belief that a thriving LNG industry on Canada’s West Coast would be bad for the environment. It’s just not true.

Proposed Haisla Nation LNG project starts environmental review

If approved, the proposed floating LNG terminal in Kitimat, B.C., would start operations in 2025.

2019 Global Energy Pulse Report, with Photos from Cultures Around the World and Heavy Machinery.
Canada ranks world’s #1 preferred supplier for oil and natural gas

International survey finds Canada is a leader in natural gas and oil innovation and reducing environmental impacts.

Chinese demand for LNG ‘almost infinite’

Chinese consultant points to China’s coal-to-gas switching campaign as cause for huge growth in natural gas demand and LNG imports.

How does Canadian LNG stack up versus coal for GHGs?

Canadian liquefied natural gas produces way fewer greenhouse gas emissions than coal, taking into account production, transportation and combustion.

Kitselas Chief believes in working with LNG companies

Chief Joe Bevan says proactive approach is leading to improving relationships with industry, economic opportunities for Indigenous communities.

PODCAST: Mark Pinney and Canada’s LNG opportunity

The Energy Examined podcast series: We chat with CAPP’s markets and transportation manager Mark Pinney on whether Canada can still take advantage of global LNG markets.

Check out the new Energy Examined podcasts coming soon

Context: Energy Examined goes in-depth on critical energy issues with experts in the know. On May 15, we chat with Mark Pinney on Canada’s LNG opportunity.

LNG Canada: Toward a successful FID

The go-ahead for a major LNG project on Canada’s West Coast is a bold step to put Canada on the global LNG map.