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Beyond combustion: deriving greater value from bitumen

Asphaltene, a carbon-rich bitumen byproduct, could be used to make carbon fibre.

Radio frequency technology could revolutionize oil sands recovery

Mike Tourigny believes in the power of disruptive technologies; Acceleware’s use of RF heating for oil sands recovery could be just the ticket to ‘cleaner, better energy.’

PODCAST: Environmental leadership in Canada’s oil sands

Wes Jickling of Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance discusses their one-of-a-kind approach: using shared technologies to reduce GHG, air, water and land impacts across the industry.

Suncor research could help in battle against COVID-19

Western University researchers look into genome sequencing tech used for wastewater treatment as potential solution to rapid test for COVID-19 antibodies.

TC Energy moves forward on Keystone XL construction

Vital export pipeline receives Alberta government support.

Cenovus Energy to help address Indigenous housing shortage

Oil sands company to provide homes, jobs and training in northern Alberta

Myth: The world can be off oil and natural gas in a decade

Rising global energy demand and practical limits to renewables mean the ‘off fossil fuel’ agenda is a fantasy; real climate action includes lowering emissions from ongoing use of oil and natural gas.

PODCAST: The Carbon XPRIZE changes how we think about CO2

What if you could turn man-made CO2 from something that causes global warming into useful products like concrete, bioplastics or vodka?