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Petroleum in Real Life: Valentine’s Day

All you need is love – and some oil and natural gas

Made from oil and natural gas

Literally thousands of products you use and depend on are made or made better using petrochemicals: materials that come from oil and natural gas.

Myth: The world can be off oil and natural gas in a decade

Rising global energy demand and practical limits to renewables mean the ‘off fossil fuel’ agenda is a fantasy; real climate action includes lowering emissions from ongoing use of oil and natural gas.

CGA takes on ‘irresponsible’ home heating story

Canadian Gas Association takes on myths and incomplete reporting related to natural gas, electrification and home heating.

Liquefied Natural Gas: An opportunity for Canada and the World

Canada has the resources and knowledge to become a LNG leader—reducing global greenhouse gas emissions while building prosperity at home.

Petroleum in Real Life: Kayaks

Who says oil and water don’t mix? Kayaks make their case.

PODCAST: What growing global energy demand means for Canada

Energy Examined chats with Krista Nelson about the latest energy forecast from the International Energy Agency, which predicts energy demand will rise 1% a year to 2040.

Premiers support need for increased LNG exports to Asia

Once opposed to the idea that Canadian LNG can help reduce global emissions, B.C.’s premier now supports more LNG exports

Petroleum in Real Life: LEGO

Everything is awesome with these durable plastic building blocks providing generations of kids (and adults) endless hours of joy, creativity.