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PODCAST: How Canadian energy can lower emissions

A panel discussion on the role Canadian natural gas and electricity can play in lowering global greenhouse gas emissions through innovation and displacement of coal.

PODCAST: Why offshore oil and natural gas has a future in Nova Scotia

Stuart Pinks, outgoing CEO of the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board discusses opportunities for offshore oil and natural gas.

PODCAST: Oil and gas needed to fight poverty on Indigenous lands

National Coalition of Chiefs president Dale Swampy says reserves need more jobs from responsible energy development and fewer fly-by celebrities.

PODCAST: How oil and natural gas helps drive Canadian manufacturing

David MacLean of Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters discusses how the oil and gas supply chain supports manufacturing jobs across the country.

Arvind Ravikumar: Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, Pennsylvania.
PODCAST: Taking the lead in methane cleantech

Scientist Arvind Ravikumar discusses a competition to develop methane detection innovations and how it could help Canada become an oil and gas cleantech leader.

PODCAST: What’s the future of Canadian oil and gas?

Energy researcher Jackie Forrest says there’s a strong business case for Canadian oil and natural gas if we can get the word out on our environmental record, and get access to new, growing markets.

PODCAST: Offshore oil and NL’s global, diversified economy

A conversation with Mark Shrimpton on how Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore industry has helped the province nurture companies, talent and technologies to compete on the world stage.

PODCAST: Why Bill C-69 needs to change

An interview with CAPP’s Patrick McDonald on the proposed law to overhaul Canada’s regulatory review process and why the current proposal could kill investment in Canada.

Check out the new Energy Examined podcasts coming soon

Context: Energy Examined goes in-depth on critical energy issues with experts in the know. On May 15, we chat with Mark Pinney on Canada’s LNG opportunity.

PODCAST: Mark Pinney and Canada’s LNG opportunity

The Energy Examined podcast series: We chat with CAPP’s markets and transportation manager Mark Pinney on whether Canada can still take advantage of global LNG markets.