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A Closeup of a Bottle of Aspirin.
Petroleum in Real Life: Pills

Did you know aspirin and medications using time-release capsules are made possible using oil and natural gas-based petrochemicals?

Natural Resources Canada report promotes Canadian energy

Report endorsed by federal and provincial ministers is loaded with information supporting a vision of Canada as a global energy leader.

Petroleum in Real Life: Contact lenses

It’s an eye-opening fact: Contact lenses are an indispensable petroleum product for 150 million people around the world.

Petroleum in Real Life: Two types of contact lenses

Lightweight, gas permeable contact lenses are made possible by oil and natural gas.

Shouldn’t the world’s oil come from an environmental leader?

The world needs energy. Shouldn’t it come from a nation that leads in terms of environment, social progress and regulatory quality?

Canadian oil and natural gas is a cleantech industry

Canada’s oil and natural gas companies spend more on clean technology investments than all other industries – combined.

Quiz: Marine safety in Canada

How much do you know about oil tankers and marine safety in Canada? Take our quiz to find out.

Oil majors adapting to climate change imperatives: Moody’s

Companies are developing new products and technologies to optimize energy usage and reduce their carbon footprint.

New pipeline project seeks to succeed where Energy East failed

A new transcontinental pipeline project similar to the defunct Energy East project is in its formative stages.

Saudi oilfield attack: What’s next?

ARC Energy podcast discusses the Saudi Arabia oilfield attack, including possible implications for oil demand and Canadian energy security.