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VIDEO: Improving oil sands environmental performance through COSIA

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reclaiming land and lowering water use: learn about Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance

Oil and Gas 101: Pit lakes

Oil sands producers are studying pit lakes: a solution to land reclamation and the safe handling of tailings.

ConocoPhillips on-site waste management reduce more than garbage

From eliminating disposable coffee cups to recycling wooden pallets, innovation is key

Oil sands reclaim land through Faster Forests

Now in its tenth year, Faster Forests has resulted in the planting of more than five million trees and innovative approaches to returning lands to nature more effectively.

Cenovus Energy produces billionth barrel of bitumen

Milestone a signpost of oil sands innovation, economic impact and commitment to sustainable development

VIDEO: Land reclamation and innovation in the oil sands

MEG Energy’s Courtney Blackmore discusses how land reclamation works in the oil sands and innovations to reduce impact.

Natural Resources Canada report promotes Canadian energy

Report endorsed by federal and provincial ministers is loaded with information supporting a vision of Canada as a global energy leader.

Syncrude reaches 3 billion

In October 2019, Syncrude reached a historic milestone: 3 billion barrels of oil produced.

How oil sands companies work together to reclaim land

Through the Oil Sands Vegetation Cooperative, companies work together to bank seeds and reclaim the land using native plant species.

Falling greenhouse gas emissions in Canada’s oil sands

Data from the Government of Canada’s National Inventory Report shows greenhouse gas emissions intensity has fallen significantly in Canada’s oil sands.