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CAPP encourages Albertans to vote energy

Alberta Energy Platform highlights oil and gas priorities political parties should adopt to ensure competitive, prosperous Alberta.

VIDEO: Chief Roy Fox discusses Canada’s Bill C-69

Chief of the Blood Tribe says majority of Treaty 7 leaders oppose proposed rewrite of Canada’s energy project approval process.

Anti-oil campaigns protect U.S. interests, not environment

B.C. researcher says anti-oil campaigns funded by U.S. groups are trying to land-lock Alberta oil while ignoring growing U.S. production.

VIDEO: The Opportunity to Come Home

The oil and natural gas industry gave Elizabeth Collins to return home to Newfoundland and Labrador.

How much do you know about natural gas?

Take our Canada’s natural gas facts quiz to find out.

Energy Citizens Across Canada

Canadians from diverse walks of life and all parts of the country are speaking up in support of a strong oil and natural gas industry.

Luke Willms: Energy Fan and Family Man

Dawson Creek plant operator says Canada’s energy industry gave him purpose, passion and a good livelihood he wasn’t always sure he’d find growing up in a small town.

Keeping Newfoundland and Labrador competitive

The NL offshore oil and gas industry provides jobs and economic benefits, but must stay competitive to be sustainable.

Energy Citizen: Captain Kristopher Drodge

An expert in operating offshore drilling rigs, Drodge thinks Canada’s Atlantic Offshore has a bright future—if regulations are modernized and competitive.