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Energy forecast predicts rebound in global energy demand

While pandemic and economic crisis take toll on global energy markets, IEA projects opportunity for Canadian oil and natural gas.

U of A scientists explore future energy systems

Innovative program explores full range of solutions including responsible development of hydrocarbon energy.

eMVAPEX: Cleantech that could lower greenhouse gas emissions

The engineering team at MEG have found a way to reduce steam use in oil sands bitumen recovery. It could reduce direct GHG emissions intensities by over 40 percent.

Canadians support natural gas and oil industry

Recent survey results show Canadians see energy industry as vital to economic recovery.

Natural gas and oil crucial to Canada’s economic recovery

Vision document outlines industry’s huge potential to create new jobs and government revenues, while addressing emissions.

Innovating cleaner hydrocarbons: U of C’s Global Research Initiative

Canadian university research group takes global approach to find breakthrough technologies that lower greenhouse gas emissions from oil and natural gas production.

Innovation helping producers achieve methane emissions reductions

Some new approaches to emission detection are literally out of this world.

Environmental innovation ongoing despite pandemic-related challenges

Now more than ever, advanced technologies will position the oil and natural gas industry as part of Canada’s ‘green’ recovery.

Canada is a world leader in flaring reduction

Canada reduced GHG emissions from flaring by 38 per cent even as production increased by 22 per cent. If only the rest of the world followed our lead.