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Tanker Safety

The data shows tanker safety in Canada and abroad is highly reliable and increasingly safe.

Crude oil forecast highlights Canada’s need to access new markets

CAPP’s annual report forecasts growth driven by increasing oil sands production, also identifies competitiveness challenges

Quebecers say yes to oil from Western Canada

Two out of three Quebecers prefer oil imported into the province come from Western Canada

An Energy East Factoid

Did you know that 70 per cent of the Energy East pipeline is already built?

Energy East: Everything you need to know

The Energy East pipeline proposal will create jobs and economic return while displacing foreign oil from Eastern Canada.

Myth: Converting a gas pipeline to transport oil isn’t safe.

Some claim that plans to convert a gas pipeline to carry oil for Energy East isn’t safe. We explain why that’s just not the case.

Innovator: Helen Zhang is making greener offshore dispersants

Dr. Helen Zhang is a researcher at Memorial University who is researching the use of oil-eating bacteria to make greener offshore dispersants.

Pipeline Transportation

Canadian pipelines move petroleum products safely.

Myth: It’s not safe to ship oil from Canada’s West Coast

Canada has shipped oil from the West Coast for 60 years and the waters are safe because of world-class marine safety standards.