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Showing support for oil and gas: Canada’s Energy Citizens

More Canadians support than oppose pipelines: Canada’s Energy Citizens is a grassroots movement giving voice to oil and gas supporters.

Trans Mountain support rally draws large crowd

Well over a thousand supporters of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project attend rally in downtown Calgary.

Join the movement: Canada’s Energy Citizens

Here’s how you can show your support for a strong Canadian oil and natural gas industry.

VIDEO: Showing support for oil and natural gas

Learn more about a grassroots movement, Canada’s Energy Citizens, giving voice to supporters of responsible oil and gas development.

Get the facts on oil sands

With 165 billion barrels of recoverable oil and innovations to enhance environmental performance, Canada’s oil sands are energy for tomorrow.

Restaurateur and Energy Citizen: Ming Au

Former Miramichi restaurant owner laments cancellation of Energy East, and continues fight for Canadian energy independence.

VIDEO: Darrell Bricker and the Global Energy Pulse survey

Ipsos Public Affairs CEO discusses international survey that found Canada the world’s preferred country to import oil and natural gas from.

Shauna Holmes: Proud to be a woman in energy

Co-director of membership for Calgary Women in Energy encourages more women to get involved in the “dynamic” oil and natural gas industry

A timeline of Canadian oil and natural gas milestones

Take a walk through Canada’s rich history of oil and natural gas discovery and innovation.

Reflecting on more than 150 years of energy innovation and discovery

We are a diverse nation of pioneers and innovators, shown through the many milestones of Canada’s home-grown petroleum industry.