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Innovation Profile: Julian Ortiz and the non-condensable gas solution

Ortiz adds gas to steam in a quest to lower greenhouse gas emissions while lowering costs in Canada’s oil sands.

Innovation trends in oil and natural gas: Dan Wicklum

COSIA’s chief executive discusses how collaboration and open innovation of environmental technologies is transforming Canada’s oil sands.

Innovation trends in oil and natural gas: John Zhou

Vice-President of Clean Energy at Alberta Innovates highlights bitumen upgrading and beyond.

Finding new value for our bitumen resource

Beyond Bitumen Combustion seeks to find added-value for our bitumen resources: using them for carbon fibre, batteries and more.

National lab researches cleaner oil sands

A team of 130 experts investigate new ways to make fossil fuels a cleaner energy option.

How nanotechnology could reduce oil sands carbon footprint

University of Calgary scientists research imaginative ways to extract oil with less environmental impact.

New approach to oil sands mining could eliminate tailings ponds

Canadian natural working on a new in-pit mining technology that would produce dry tailings while reducing CO2 emissions and costs.

Land Reclamation: It’s the law

Oil and natural gas companies are required by provincial regulations to return lands they disturb to a natural state.

Canada’s Oil Sands: 50 years this September

Canada’s first large-scale, commercial oil sands facility launched a home-grown industry characterized by entrepreneurism and innovation.