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Natural Resources Canada report promotes Canadian energy

Report endorsed by federal and provincial ministers is loaded with information supporting a vision of Canada as a global energy leader.

From natural gas to wind to geothermal, if Canada has one thing in abundance it’s energy. And it’s time the world knew the truth about Canada’s vast resource base and our commitment to responsible development.

A recent report titled Canada’s Energy Advantage is a comprehensive look at a variety of energy sources across the country, meant to help tell Canada’s positive energy story through credible facts. The report is a collaboration among Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), provincial and territorial governments, energy industries including oil and natural gas, Indigenous groups, communities and other stakeholders.

The report includes detailed information not only about oil (oil sands, offshore and conventional resources) and natural gas (unconventional development and liquefied natural gas), but also about hydro, renewables (wind, solar and geothermal energy), and nuclear power. This approach — promoting Canada’s primary energy sources and outlining the advantages of each — echoes the stance of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers: the energy mix is changing, but oil and natural gas continue to have a major role both within Canada and as export commodities. Canada can help meet growing global demand while addressing climate change and energy poverty issues.

Canada’s latest facilities, like the Kearl oil sands mine, are applying innovation to reduce their carbon footprint.

The report has been endorsed by federal, provincial and territorial ministers responsible for energy and mining portfolios. It was released during the annual Energy and Mines Ministers Conference (EMMC), which took place in Cranbrook, B.C. in mid-July 2019. At these meetings, ministers discuss shared priorities for collaborative action to advance energy and mining development across the country.

The report correctly identifies that “Canada needs more customers and greater investment. Our message to international partners is: Canada is open for business.”

Canada’s energy advantages include:

• Unparalleled energy assets – both oil and natural gas

• Sustainable supplier – robust regulatory regime, innovative technologies

• Innovation – research and development create new technologies

According to the International Energy Agency, by 2040 global energy demand is expected to grow by 27 per cent. Canada can help meet this global demand through our vast wealth of energy resources, technology, services, and untapped potential. The world is transitioning to a low-carbon economy and Canada has some of the greatest potential for lower-carbon energy development. In building the energy systems of tomorrow, Canada can maximize its energy advantage.