Made from oil and natural gas

Literally thousands of products you use and depend on are made or made better using petrochemicals: materials that come from oil and natural gas.

How Indigenous Partnerships Support British Columbia’s Natural Gas and Oil Industry

A study by iTOTEM Analytics found the important role Indigenous-affiliated businesses played in supporting the province’s supply chain and economy. Highlights include $540 million in spending with Indigenous-affiliated businesses, which increased 148% from 2018 to 2021.

Investing in Canada

Oil and gas investment in Canada is growing, creating jobs and prosperity for all Canadians.

By The Numbers: B.C.’s natural gas and oil supply chain has province-wide impact

iTotem research shows that B.C.’s natural gas and oil industry creates jobs and economic growth in all regions of the province through its supply chain

Infographic: Get the LNG facts

Liquefied natural gas is needed to meet the world’s energy needs and Canada has an important opportunity. Learn more with this 101 infographic.

Who should supply energy the world needs?

Canada and Russia are oil and natural gas exporting nations: Canada must step forward to help provide energy security for our allies and the world.

By the Numbers: Trans Mountain and West Coast Marine Safety

World class marine safety measures help ensure Canada realizes the benefits of oil exports.