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Innovation Profile: Don Berggren helps freeze out energy sector GHGs

Ontario-based Berg Chilling Systems is a supplier to Western Canadian oil and natural gas producers who’s innovating to help industry reduce GHGs.

Comment: LNG can (still) transform B.C.

BC Chamber CEO says with multiple projects still in the works, LNG remains a key opportunity—if we are willing to be competitive.

Extreme cold weather and natural gas to the rescue

Canada suffered record-breaking frigid temperatures over the holidays. Natural gas is a flexible fuel helping keep our homes warm and the lights on.

NEB study highlights vast oil and natural gas potential of Duvernay

The Duvernay shale could yield billions of barrels of oil and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas.

A Tale of Two Canadas: The case for market access

Economic experts agree: access to new markets is vital for Canada to create jobs, attract investment and generate economic growth.

Myth: Converting a gas pipeline to transport oil isn’t safe.

Some claim that plans to convert a gas pipeline to carry oil for Energy East isn’t safe. We explain why that’s just not the case.

A graphic showing how much different industry spend on environmental protection
Environmental Protection: Spending by industry

The oil and natural gas industry accounts for 34.3 per cent of environmental protection spending, according to data from Statistics Canada.