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Get the facts on natural gas

With global demand for natural gas expected to increase 45 per cent by 2040, this versatile hydrocarbon is energy for tomorrow.

CAPP Report: Canada falling behind

CAPP economic report finds Canada has fallen behind in global competition for oil and gas investment, offers vision for jobs and prosperity.

Falling investment in Canada

Canada’s competitiveness at stake: Investment in oil and gas is falling in Canada even as it rises elsewhere around the world.

IEA Forecast: Global energy mix to 2040

With global energy demand set to increase 30% by 2040, more of all forms of energy are needed, including oil and natural gas.

Ellis Ross addresses First Nations and natural resource development

B.C. MLA and former Haisla Chief Councillor discusses how the environmental movement has “stopped the progress of First Nations.”

China is calling for natural gas: Can Canada answer?

Cold weather and a push to reduce smog and GHGs has led to shortages of natural gas in China, even as Canada ponders its LNG future.

China’s growing natural gas demand

A growing economy and a shift to natural gas from coal to reduce smog and GHGs is driving skyrocketing demand in the world’s most populous nation.

Canada is falling behind: CAPP on TMEP and competitiveness

CAPP CEO Tim McMillan speaks with Global News Edmonton about Trans Mountain and Canada’s competitiveness issues.

West Coast LNG: Economic potential for B.C.

What would just one new LNG terminal exporting natural gas from the West Coast mean to B.C.’s economy?

A close-up of Tim McMillan, the past CEO and past president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.
Trans Mountain expansion is in the national interest

The time for political games and trade wars is over. Let’s create jobs, economic growth and improved competitiveness for Canada.