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VIDEO: An Indigenous Stake in Energy

Steve Paikin of TVO and a panel of experts discuss Indigenous ownership of Trans Mountain and how oil and natural gas can be a path to economic reconciliation.

Shipping B.C. renewable power to Asia, sort of

Electrified LNG could allow Asian customers to use Canadian natural gas with fewer emissions than competitors, while benefiting B.C.’s independent power producers.

New pipeline project seeks to succeed where Energy East failed

A new transcontinental pipeline project similar to the defunct Energy East project is in its formative stages.

Saudi oilfield attack: What’s next?

ARC Energy podcast discusses the Saudi Arabia oilfield attack, including possible implications for oil demand and Canadian energy security.

Offshore Oil and Gas: The next generation is here

A competitive industry provides young professionals a chance to work at home in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Learning about energy in Canada: Take these quizzes

Did you know Canada is the world’s 7th largest consumer of electricity? Learn more about Canada’s energy resources through the CanGeo Energy IQ quizzes.

Canada poised to be a leader in cleantech oil and gas innovation

According to Global Affairs Canada, Canadian cleantech oil and gas companies are leading the charge in terms of hydrocarbon environmental competitiveness.

Why global reduction of methane emissions is so important to Canada

A blog post by PTAC’s Soheil Asgarpour sheds light on industry efforts to reduce methane emissions.

IEA boss delivers reality check on global energy trends

Electric cars and increasing use of renewables not enough: Faith Birol suggests a focus on carbon capture to lower global GHGs.

Chinese demand for LNG ‘almost infinite’

Chinese consultant points to China’s coal-to-gas switching campaign as cause for huge growth in natural gas demand and LNG imports.