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VIDEO: Darrell Bricker and the Global Energy Pulse survey

Ipsos Public Affairs CEO discusses international survey that found Canada the world’s preferred country to import oil and natural gas from.

China and Canada’s Energy Future

China expert Gordon Houlden explains why China represents a critical market opportunity for growing Canadian exports of oil and natural gas.

Tim McMillan on industry’s methane reduction solution

CAPP’s president and CEO discusses an approach that will meet Canada’s 45 per cent methane emissions reduction target and save jobs.

VIDEO: CAPP responds to Energy East decision

CAPP president and CEO Tim McMillan discusses what the decision means for Canada

VIDEO: Tim McMillan on the Pacific NorthWest LNG Decision

CAPP president and CEO discusses what the decision means for Canada and our LNG future

Keeping the oil sands competitive

CERI’s Dinara Millington discusses how the oil sands can stay competitive in a lower-price, lower-carbon world

XPRIZE semi-finalist Jerry Flynn on energy and innovation

Flynn, founder of the Ottawa-based Tandem Technical, says Canada is a leader on carbon reduction

VIDEO: Dr. Laura Dawson on Canada-U.S. Trade Relations

Laura Dawson, director of the Canada Institute, answers questions on trade, Canada-U.S. relations, and global opportunities

VIDEO: Robert Johnston on Canadian competitiveness

The CEO of Eurasia Group discusses energy, politics, and how Canada can stay competitive on the global stage.

VIDEO: Marcius Extavour, Director of Energy at XPRIZE

A chat with Marcius Extavour about the Carbon XPRIZE, innovation and the future of energy