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The Canadian Flag In the Shape of a Circle, Next to the word 'Economy'.
Task force to recommend policies for jobs, economic recovery

Twenty prominent Canadians, supported by industries, organizations and Indigenous groups, will create a recovery blueprint.

Quiz: Oil and natural gas and Canada’s economy

How much do you know about the impacts of the oil and natural gas industry on Canada’s economy? Take this quiz to test your knowledge.

Syncrude reaches 3 billion

In October 2019, Syncrude reached a historic milestone: 3 billion barrels of oil produced.

What is Indigenous Strong?

Indigenous workers join together to show support for oil and natural gas.

PODCAST: Oil and gas needed to fight poverty on Indigenous lands

National Coalition of Chiefs president Dale Swampy says reserves need more jobs from responsible energy development and fewer fly-by celebrities.

Offshore Oil and Gas: The next generation is here

A competitive industry provides young professionals a chance to work at home in Newfoundland and Labrador.

PODCAST: How oil and natural gas helps drive Canadian manufacturing

David MacLean of Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters discusses how the oil and gas supply chain supports manufacturing jobs across the country.

Canada’s Shrinking Supply Chain

Less spending in Canada’s oil sands means fewer jobs for every province in Canada

PODCAST: Offshore oil and NL’s global, diversified economy

A conversation with Mark Shrimpton on how Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore industry has helped the province nurture companies, talent and technologies to compete on the world stage.

Damaging Canada’s economic future with Bill C-69

The federal government is ignoring the Senate and the will of Canadians, risking the country’s economic future.