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Innovation Profile: Julian Ortiz and the non-condensable gas solution

Ortiz adds gas to steam in a quest to lower greenhouse gas emissions while lowering costs in Canada’s oil sands.

VIDEO: The Opportunity to Come Home

The oil and natural gas industry gave Elizabeth Collins to return home to Newfoundland and Labrador.

Innovation Trends in Canadian Oil and Gas: Steven Bryant

University of Calgary Canada Excellence Research Chair discusses the use of nanoparticles and non-carbon energy carriers as trends to maximize production with fewer environmental impacts.

Innovation Profile: Jason McGillivray and the methane challenge

Shell project manager helps create a new zero-bleed well pad design that reduces greenhouse gas emissions at the Groundbirch natural gas site.

Oil and gas ‘Bird Guy’ helps save at-risk owls

Preserving a nest of short-eared owls is no trivial matter: for Encana and biologist Mark Phinney.

Showing support for oil and gas: Canada’s Energy Citizens

More Canadians support than oppose pipelines: Canada’s Energy Citizens is a grassroots movement giving voice to oil and gas supporters.

Meet Team Carbicrete: Carbon XPRIZE finalist

Montreal-based Carbicrete has devised a way to make carbon-negative concrete.

VIDEO: Meet the Carbon XPRIZE finalists

The finalist teams competing in the $20 Million NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE are making valuable products from carbon dioxide emissions.

Carbon XPRIZE finalists announced

Ten teams from five countries advance to NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE finals: Will demonstrate ideas to convert CO2 into valuable products under real-world conditions.

Innovation Profile: Don Berggren helps freeze out energy sector GHGs

Ontario-based Berg Chilling Systems is a supplier to Western Canadian oil and natural gas producers who’s innovating to help industry reduce GHGs.