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Energy free trade and NAFTA: A good deal for all

Joint paper highlights how free trade has made energy in North America more affordable and reliable for citizens and the economy.

VIDEO: Tim McMillan on the Pacific NorthWest LNG Decision

CAPP president and CEO discusses what the decision means for Canada and our LNG future

Protect Competitiveness While Fighting Climate Change

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce sends letter to Prime Minister Trudeau urging focus on competitiveness issues.

Meet the People Behind the Oil Sands

Recommended reading: Bitumen: The people, performance and passions behind Alberta’s oil sands

Keeping the oil sands competitive

CERI’s Dinara Millington discusses how the oil sands can stay competitive in a lower-price, lower-carbon world

Improved competitiveness would create jobs: CAPP report

New report says Alberta government and energy industry could create 24,000 jobs by working together.

What oil and natural gas mean to Canada’s economy

Even in times of economic challenge, Canada’s oil and natural gas industry remains a pillar of the country’s economy.

Crude oil forecast highlights Canada’s need to access new markets

CAPP’s annual report forecasts growth driven by increasing oil sands production, also identifies competitiveness challenges

The world wants more Canadian oil and natural gas: survey

People around the world see Canadian oil and natural gas as the energy of the future, according to a new global research survey.

VIDEO: Dr. Laura Dawson on Canada-U.S. Trade Relations

Laura Dawson, director of the Canada Institute, answers questions on trade, Canada-U.S. relations, and global opportunities