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LNG can significantly boost Canada’s economic recovery: report

New report on Canadian liquefied natural gas reveals potentially huge economic benefits, from employment to government revenues.

Ontario steel pipe maker invested in energy sector recovery

Tenaris’ Sault Ste. Marie plant is building toward the future.

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Task force to recommend policies for jobs, economic recovery

Twenty prominent Canadians, supported by industries, organizations and Indigenous groups, will create a recovery blueprint.

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Natural gas and oil: Canada’s #1 export — and why it matters

Energy production and export are the backbone of Canada’s economy and fundamental to post-pandemic recovery.

Orphan well funding creates jobs for Canadians

Oilfield service companies in Western Canada have responded to inactive and orphan well funding: putting people back to work while improving environmental outcomes.

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Oil and natural gas – and Canada’s economic recovery

As one of Canada’s largest industries, oil and natural gas are key to long-term jobs, recovery and resilience.