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Kitselas Chief believes in working with LNG companies

Chief Joe Bevan says proactive approach is leading to improving relationships with industry, economic opportunities for Indigenous communities.

PetroLMI predicts energy sector job losses in 2019

Direct employment in Canada’s energy sector is expected to fall by more than 12,000 jobs

United Conservative Party wins majority in Alberta election

The United Conservative Party commits to building a prosperous future for Alberta’s oil and natural gas industry

What do oil and natural gas mean to Canada?

Canada’s oil and natural gas industry supports more than 500,000 jobs in communities across the nation: find out how.

A vital part of Alberta’s economy

About 415,000 Albertans depend on the province’s oil and natural gas industry for employment.

Industry growth drives opportunity in Indigenous communities

Many Indigenous communities have built and continue to build a prosperous economic future by working with industry.

The economic contribution of Canadian oil and natural gas

Abundant oil and natural gas resources drive big numbers in terms of revenue, GDP and jobs in Canada.

Direct and Indirect Jobs across Canada

Canada’s oil and gas industry creates jobs in a wide range of trades and professions from coast to coast.

How many jobs does Canadian oil and natural gas support?

Think the equivalent of the entire population of Steeltown: more than half a million jobs creating livelihoods to support families and communities from coast to coast.

West Coast LNG: Economic potential for B.C.

What would just one new LNG terminal exporting natural gas from the West Coast mean to B.C.’s economy?