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2019 Global Energy Pulse Report, with Photos from Cultures Around the World and Heavy Machinery.
Canada ranks world’s #1 preferred supplier for oil and natural gas

International survey finds Canada is a leader in natural gas and oil innovation and reducing environmental impacts.

Learning about energy in Canada: Take these quizzes

Did you know Canada is the world’s 7th largest consumer of electricity? Learn more about Canada’s energy resources through the CanGeo Energy IQ quizzes.

Myth: Oil sands is “dirty oil”

Independent research corroborates what industry has been saying for years: the oil sands has dramatically improved its environmental footprint.

Myth: Tar Sands versus Oil Sands: What’s in a name?

The tug of war over what to call it doesn’t change the fact that it’s home to Canada’s largest oil discovery and a vital resource.

Energy difference-makers celebrated

These Energy Excellence Award winners show how performance, sustainability and innovation walk hand in hand in Canada’s oil and gas industry.

Pipeline approval will attract professional talent: YPAC

‘Positive signal that Canada is committed to investing in the energy sector’ says Young Pipeliners Association of Canada.

Time to put Canada on the global energy stage

CAPP releases its federal energy platform outlining opportunities to ensure strong, responsible Canadian oil and natural gas industry.

Senate committee votes down oil tanker moratorium

Choice to defeat Bill C-48 in the Senate is in the best interests of Canadians over politics: CAPP

Myth: Indigenous peoples oppose energy development

Not only do many Indigenous peoples support oil and natural gas development—many communities depend on it.

Check out the new Energy Examined podcasts coming soon

Context: Energy Examined goes in-depth on critical energy issues with experts in the know. On May 15, we chat with Mark Pinney on Canada’s LNG opportunity.