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Liquefied Natural Gas: An opportunity for Canada and the World

Canada has the resources and knowledge to become a LNG leader—reducing global greenhouse gas emissions while building prosperity at home.

Commentary: Canadian LNG can lower global emissions

We must get Canadian energy to global markets, reducing greenhouse gases while creating prosperity here at home.

Premiers support need for increased LNG exports to Asia

Once opposed to the idea that Canadian LNG can help reduce global emissions, B.C.’s premier now supports more LNG exports

Canadian Energy Centre officially opens

Alberta government initiative aims to combat foreign-funded campaigns and misinformation targeting Alberta’s oil and natural gas industry.

IEA World Energy Outlook: 5 things you should know

The International Energy Agency projects global energy demand to increase as world grows and economic development reduces poverty.

Shipping B.C. renewable power to Asia, sort of

Electrified LNG could allow Asian customers to use Canadian natural gas with fewer emissions than competitors, while benefiting B.C.’s independent power producers.

B.C. supports building LNG ship-refuelling facility

Facility would be first on West Coast, helping refuel growing numbers of LNG-powered ships while lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Canada election: Liberals win minority government

Oil and natural gas industry commits to working with federal minority government on energy, prosperity and opportunities for Indigenous communities.

Myth: LNG would prevent Canada meeting its Paris commitments

We bust the belief that a thriving LNG industry on Canada’s West Coast would be bad for the environment. It’s just not true.