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PODCAST: What’s the future of Canadian oil and gas?

Energy researcher Jackie Forrest says there’s a strong business case for Canadian oil and natural gas if we can get the word out on our environmental record, and get access to new, growing markets.

Myth: Tar Sands versus Oil Sands: What’s in a name?

The tug of war over what to call it doesn’t change the fact that it’s home to Canada’s largest oil discovery and a vital resource.

This is not your grandparents’ oil sands

How oil sands leaders are setting out to create low-GHG oil as good or better than the U.S. average.

Canada’s Shrinking Supply Chain

Less spending in Canada’s oil sands means fewer jobs for every province in Canada

How much boreal forest has been disturbed by oil sands mines?

Oil sands producers work to minimize their land footprint and to reclaim all lands that are disturbed.

Check out the new Energy Examined podcasts coming soon

Context: Energy Examined goes in-depth on critical energy issues with experts in the know. On May 15, we chat with Mark Pinney on Canada’s LNG opportunity.

Seeking the Sidney Crosby of GHG-reduction technologies

Developing technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the oil sands takes time, but like developing players for the NHL, perseverance produces results.

Government of Canada releases draft project list for Bill C-69

Regulatory overhaul could shift review of energy projects away from those with the greatest expertise.

How the oil sands benefit all of Canada

Local companies in every province supply goods and services to the oil sands—creating jobs, growth and economic opportunity in local communities.

Innovation Profile: Julian Ortiz and the non-condensable gas solution

Ortiz adds gas to steam in a quest to lower greenhouse gas emissions while lowering costs in Canada’s oil sands.