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Quiz: Canadian oil and natural gas markets

A key issue is Canada’s need to find new export markets for oil and gas. How much do you know? Take our quiz to find out.

CAPP releases energy platform document for Newfoundland and Labrador

CAPP’s recommendations for provincial policies and initiatives that support the oil and natural gas sector.

Two Oil and Gas Workers on an Offshore Oil Rig in Orange Coveralls and White Hard Hats.
What are the benefits of a growing Atlantic offshore industry?

With billions of yet-untapped barrels of oil under its waters, a growing Newfoundland and Labrador oil and gas industry would create new jobs, growth.

Recommended: CanGeo’s ‘Trading Energy’ video

This explainer video by Canadian Geographic explores how Canada and the U.S. trade energy and why it’s vital we find more customers besides Uncle Sam.

Access to markets key to Canada’s economy: CAPP report

CAPP report highlights how resolving market access constraints can help rebuild investor confidence and increase Canada’s competitiveness.

Where does the world’s oil and natural gas come from?

Canada is a leading producer of oil and natural gas, and one of the few with strong environmental standards.

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Senate wants cross-Canada hearings on Bill C-69

In response to concerns over Bill C-69, the Senate’s energy and environment committee wants to hear from Canadians impacted by bill.

Does Canada’s energy industry have a competitiveness crisis?

Uncompetitive energy policies impacting Canada’s oil and natural gas industry could lead to economic loss and carbon leakage.

World Energy Outlook 2018: By the numbers

The International Energy Agency’s annual forecast says global energy demand to increase as world grows, reduces poverty.