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IEA report highlights need for oil investment

Global oil consumption to grow due to rising demand for petrochemicals, trucking and aviation.

Canada’s low oil price crisis

CBC’s Power & Politics interviews Tim McMillan on the oil price discount that’s costing Canadians billions in lost revenue.

VIDEO: The Opportunity to Come Home

The oil and natural gas industry gave Elizabeth Collins to return home to Newfoundland and Labrador.

Is Canada’s offshore competitive enough?

A comparison between Newfoundland and Labrador and Norway suggests Canada’s regulatory system could be streamlined.

VIDEO: Pipelines needed to transport growing oil production

We explain why new pipelines and competitive policies are needed to transport growing Canadian oil production.

A Tale of Two Canadas: The case for market access

Economic experts agree: access to new markets is vital for Canada to create jobs, attract investment and generate economic growth.

Myth: Converting a gas pipeline to transport oil isn’t safe.

Some claim that plans to convert a gas pipeline to carry oil for Energy East isn’t safe. We explain why that’s just not the case.

A graphic showing how much different industry spend on environmental protection
Environmental Protection: Spending by industry

The oil and natural gas industry accounts for 34.3 per cent of environmental protection spending, according to data from Statistics Canada.